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For some reason, when I first listened to Hezen’s ‘Oil Fire’, I instantly thought of Lord of the Rings. Why? Well, firstly, the opening 30 seconds certainly sound like you are being transported to another world. The track is ominous, as though we have just been tasked with some impossible journey. The sound of organs makes the song even darker, echoing the harrowing lyrics of “cuts on my wrist”.

Do not despair, though, this isn’t any average Coldplay cry-fest (I love Coldplay so I’m allowed to say that). In fact, ‘Oil Fire’ catches you off guard with a superb crescendo, and Hezen shows off her astounding vocal strength in an Evanescence-esque rampage towards the end, roaring us on to battle almost! The song transforms itself; it tells a story, much like Lord of the Rings does, and it certainly wouldn’t be out of place, echoing along the mountains of Middle-earth.

Words by Ben Bowes

Tipped by Adam from Alphabet Bands

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