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If you’ve had a long weekend, we’ve got the perfect way to give you a jolt to the brain and get you motivated for the week ahead. Meet the grungy angst of Welsh band Himalayas.

Jagged, fuzzy riffs a-plenty and a raw vocal that rock producers die for, Himalayas are the full package and a band with the potential to really lift off and join the plethora of great rock bands coming through the UK right now.

It’s fitting we write this a few weeks after Royal Blood hit Number 1 in the albums chart as they are a good comparison with both bands sharing the monstrously large arena rock sound.

‘Thank God I’m Not You’ is a track that whilst filled with self-deprecation, points the finger at the target of the song being much worse. Despite being so dark, clever backing harmonies make it somewhat of a fun sing-along. It’s the first track released after scorching debut EP ‘Ecstasy’ and UK tour. We can’t wait to hear what comes next.

Words by Scott Hastie

Tipped by Jim Cambo & Josh Ergatoudis

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