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When their four names aren’t condensed into one, the band comprises Joshua, Izzy, Andy and Tino. Their delicate blend of Electronica and R&B has earned the London four-piece some serious attention.  So much so that they now count the likes of AlunaGeorge and Diplo among their fans – friends in high places indeed. Hugh’s latest track ‘This Is How It Starts’ blends a softened male vocal with a crisper female one, over gently pulsating synths. It’s not far removed from something you might hear from The XX; it’s refined, elegant and understated.

On reaching its equivalent of a middle eight though, things get a little more complex. The track’s driving synths give way to allow intricate rhythmic patterns to sputter into life. By the time ‘This Is How It Starts’ reaches its climax, it becomes clear why it had been holding back – and the result is sublime.

Words by Lewis Lister

Tipped by Souterrain

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