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Just in time, Huskies have released ‘Northcoast’, a breezy, musically lighthearted track with all the makings of a summer mixtape essential.

Traces of first-wave ska are wrapped into this neat little indie package, produced by Rory Attwell (The Vaccines, Test Icicles).

A poppy hook, an uplifting and catchy breakdown, and lyrics conveying casual restlessness combine for an unapologetically likeable tune made of the glue that gets a song stuck in your head.

This could be a frantically energetic pop song, but vocals from frontman Antonio Panzera are stylistically similar to that of Swedish indie folk singer Jose Gonzalez, keeping everything in balance.

“Cherish all the good times”, the song advises in the midst of its dreamy charm. This is sound advice in general, but especially on the cusp of festival season.

Words by Maggie McBride

Tipped by Chris from Disorder Music

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