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Sorry‘, an ambient track combining elements of folk, soul and electronica, is the debut release from Ider, a fresh new duo out of North London who have been working together for less than a year.

Lyrically the song focuses on ‘falling out of love with someone’ and the move towards independence and finding a love and acceptance of yourself. It is a minimal song in terms of its instrumentals, containing a low key use of percussion and piano alongside the vocals, but with this minimal approach comes the songs quality. The impressive harmonisation work that the duo achieve on the vocals give off a strong folk feeling but when this is combined with the stripped back clicking percussion and the laid back piano riffs, there is a special combination of sounds that really play well with each other.

Sorry’ is an intriguing song for Ider to have lead with, and they have really left us wanting more. The combination of everything really leads to a beautiful song that makes you wonder what else they are capable of and what’s to come.

Words from Rich Anderson

Tipped by Pete at Folded Wing

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