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It’s easy to lose yourself looking at stars. Sometimes, of a night, when you look up into the deep black of the dark, dark night, you can find yourself drifting, floating off into an otherworldly trance. Distracted by the spritely, dancing stars, you really start to question your (in)significance in the world.

In their latest track, London four piece ISLAND have delicately encapsulated that very feeling in four minutes of ethereal wonderment. Mesmerizing from the off, ‘Stargazer‘ ebbs and flows – from spellbinding to enthralling, and then just simply existing – filling empty space with its gorgeous mellow melancholic lingering melodies.
Listen to it once and you’ll disappear. Put it on repeat and you could lose a day.

Words by George Shaw

Tipped by Charlotte Holroyd from Bitter Sweet Symphonies

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