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South London’s electronic neo-soul artist James Vickery was first heard by many providing the vocals for Disclosure’s track Flow back in 2012. Since then Vickery has continued to grow and collaborated was another Method Music producer in Phairo for the released of his debut single ‘Epiphany’.

Starting with an up-driven soulful beat the verses introduce Vickery as an artist who truly understands the swaying chic vocal flow needed to stand above others in the genre. The chorus is everything as catchy as a chorus needs to be. Carried by the bouncing bass line and perfectly layered backing vocals the hook vocal melody is supported perfectly. The melody in turn leaves space for the bass to groove before dropping in and out with sexy vocal delivery, changing between layers, panning and sharpness with dynamic effect.

In a refreshingly short track Epiphany already showcases what James Vickery is capable of, and is surely to have many eagerly waiting for what he next has to deliver.

Words by Dan Shannon

Tipped by Dom Zilla


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