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Jarreau Vandal is used to making uber cool music. Part of the Soulection collective and having been raised in Amsterdam listening to a mix of jazz, funk and hip-hop, he brings his background into producing classic summer tracks. 

‘Someone That You Love’ is a mellow mix with a funk depth to it, making it perfect for summer days and nights. Olivia Nelson’s vocals soulfully blend with the light electro-pop as Vandal mixes his techno background with a deep bass-line and R&B. As a producer he’s known for his electric remixes and this hybrid of mellow and upbeat is a great addition. 

The track itself isn’t far from Izzy Bizu or Gallant with it’s mellow vibes and bass rhythms. Olivia Nelson’s voice fit’s the song crazily well, and I’m sure – I hope – we’ll be hearing from her a lot more as well as some more original tracks from Vandal. 

Words by Rebecca Jackson

Tipped by Souterrain

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