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Today’s tip comes from Jimi Charles Moody, a man who spectacularly lives up to his surname in ‘The Woman’, a fine slice of orchestral soul documenting his pain at having lent his heart to a lady who may not have reciprocated entirely faithfully. Jimi’s dark vocal hangs heavy with his emotional distress; portentous piano and strings add to the oppressive atmosphere; lines like “Are you happy now / have you had your fun” are spat out with appropriate levels of bitterness. Someone give that man a hug.

This seems to be a companion piece to his previous release ‘Other Man’, which presumably refers to the other half of the same romantic catastrophe. Once he gets over said difficulty and perhaps starts singing about happier times, I can imagine Jimi becoming a Nu-soul name in a similar vein to John Legend, with his 60s voice and piano-led arrangements. All he needs to do is find a girlfriend that won’t cheat on him. Good luck, Mr Moody!

Words by Martin Sharman

Tipped by Souterrain and Tom Cotton from Amazing Radio

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