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I read a story last night before bed. Once upon a time, a young fella named Prince Rogers Nelson made a trip to Stockport, and left behind a seed, a beautifully crafted sparkly seed which is now set to grow into one of the most exciting pop projects in the UK.  At least that’s the fairytale you fall in to after taking in the blindly brilliant funkadelic pop soul of JJ Rosa. No, Prince may not have had a direct ‘hand’ in fathering Jessica Rose Hanckock, but my oh my did he make his mark on her gift.

Take a listen to ‘Step Aside’ and tell me you don’t hear the soulful embodiment of sexiness and attitude that has long been missing from the UK charts. Yes, maybe that other JJ provides it in an overly dramatic, less than sincere bucket load, but JJ Rosa would more rightly be lobbed in to the genuine female vocal talent category, the likes of which we haven’t heard since the late and great Amy Winehouse.

That might be a leap, and a comparison that could provide pressure to lesser up and coming artists, but the power and energy of this young act would lead me to think, that is a pressure she would welcome and in fact thrive on. This is back to life, back to reality soul and funk with catchy melodies, flirtatious riffs and a fine 80’s sheen.

Embodied in one woman (and her band), we have the prospect of the highest class of soul, funk, rock, gospel, rap, blues and more, all rendered with a breath-taking swagger and flawless vocal.

Words by Emma Howe

Tipped by Robin Seamer from Breaking More Waves

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