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East London’s JONES has already made a impressive mark with only a handful of tracks to her name. ‘Deep‘ introduced us to her lush pop that shimmers with layers just waiting to be unveiled, whilst ‘You‘ and an exquisite performance on Later With Jools Holland only cemented the fact that this was a name to watch out for.

Hoops‘ might well be her finest hour, and already sets up her upcoming debut album New Skin as one that demands you should watch out for. A stirring, soulful ode to unreciprocated love, it’s a modest slow build that grows into a triumphant mix of JONES’ rich, delicate vocals and the digital soul that floats along like a dream. It’s not a song that shouts about itself too much, but it makes you want to climb the highest rooftop and tell the world about JONES.

Words by Chris Taylor

Tipped by  Souterrain


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