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There’s a certain amount of deliberate mystery about Jordan Max. Is it a band, a solo artist or a new of basketball shoe? Biographical details or pictures have kept from the public domain. Is this is part of some cunning
Svengali’s plan to create a sense of enigma before unleashing this artist on the World?. A little more digging revealed that this net-shy artist is a twenty three year old chap from Oldham. Nothing startling about that until you press play on ‘Hell’.

The vocals on this record sound like the work of a wizened septuagenarian hailing from the Mississippi Delta rather than a young man from the Lancashire Pennines. Its surprising to say the least, though its a voice full of soul, emotion and plenty of gravel. Musically the backing track is a dark skeletal downtempo beat of cut and paste live drums, sultry double bass and delicate piano. Its a rootsier, more organic Portishead with a massive nod to the Blues.

If James Blake had met Robert Johnson at those famous crossroads it may just sound a little like Jordan Max. I’m looking forward to the big reveal and so should you.

Words by Steve Burton from Big Fish Little Fish

Tipped by Matt Baty at Amazing Radio

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