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‘Slow Down’ by Joseph manages to hit me in all the right places. You’ve got this lone guitar softly swimming in reverb and delay, whilst his throaty voice runs up and down the song in a way that gives it a powerful impact He’s not afraid of making things epic either. Although the song is literally one man and a guitar, it could fill an arena and have every person standing still.  There are similarities there to Matt Corby, but to pigeonhole Joseph would be to do the guy a disservice. The quality and sound of his music belongs to him, and I look forward to hearing what else he has in store. The fact that this song has been recorded live says even more.

There’s not much out there to find from him on the tinternet at present, so we’ll just have to keep our ears and eyes wide open for what’s to come.

Words by Chad Male

Tipped by Achal Dhillon from Killing Moon

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