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If you’re going to name only your second single after Old Blue Eyes then you’ve got to have the voice to back it up. Luckily, Sinatra’s name is in very capable hands.

South Londoner Joy Crookes burst into the limelight seven months ago with her debut single ‘New Manhattan,’ a sizzling neo-soul number with trip-hop undertones that could have been found amongst the best of Lana Del Rey’s back catalogue.

Crookes’ latest single ‘Sinatra’ continues in a similar vein, but with an atmosphere even smokier than a 1950’s piano bar. It’s heavier on the beats, and boasts a pretty sleazy guitar riff, setting an alluring backdrop for Crookes’ tale of a fatal attraction.

Crookes herself isn’t outshined by the glistening production though. On ‘Sinatra’ she gets to show off her impressive range, going from wistful highs to deep lows with ease.  She may only be 17, but Crookes already has a timeless charm.

Words by Eugenie Johnson

Tipped by Tim Dickinson from The Blue Walrus

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