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‘Song 3’ isn’t exactly a new song – it first appeared online last summer – but it’s worth revisiting as Belfast boys Junk Drawer go about making a name for themselves.

This is hazy, fuzzy lo-fi – one of those songs that on first listen doesn’t really jump out at you but deserves a few more plays as it’ll worm its way into your affection. It’s slacker, lackadaisical, almost disengaged. It sounds like the perfect addition to an American roadtrip playlist; you can imagine solemnly bobbing along to it as you drive your beat-up convertible through arid flats and dustbowl towns.

The four-piece class themselves as much as a collective as a band; apparently they’re all multi-instrumentalists who like to swap instruments from song to song. Their debut EP For the Cult Fat Guy – on which, confusingly, ‘Song 3’ is the first song – came out last year and they look set to keep making waves in 2017.

Words by Tom Worley

Tipped by Jamie Coughlan from Overblown

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