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Less is more, or so the adage goes. Not so in the case of Kassassin Street, however. Having made waves in the South Coast scene in 2014, their grand ambitions for the new year are signalled loud and clear with this, only their second single.

Sparse and meandering, ‘Centre Straight Atom’ is not. With a dark, fiery energy, incendiary synths are melted with blazing drum beats that spiral and swirl to create a psychedelic-like anthem.

The fact that all of this doesn’t collapse at any time is testimony to Tristan Ivemy’s remarkable production, which distills a sense of clarity and direction over proceedings.

Epitomised by Rowan Bastable’s spirited and almost arrogant vocal delivery reminiscent of Ian Brown, Kassassin Street are a band abounding with confidence and intent.

Words by Chris Haywood

Tipped by Robin Seamer from Breaking More Waves and Dave Maul from Black and White Music

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