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There’s something absolutely time-stopping for you today on The Tipping Point. We have for you a new track from Kathryn Joseph.

Kathryn is a Scottish musician who has just released her album ‘Bones You Have Thrown Me And Blood I’ve Spilled’, an excellent title and lyric in today’s track, ‘The Bird’. The album is released on Hits The Fan Records, a label which helped Frightened Rabbit along their way.

The Bird is evocative but in a way which you can’t really decide why. The isolated piano playing and unique vocals of Kathryn make you stop and listen, no matter what’s going on around you. It fills the room around you. In a way hypnotism has never sounded so good. This is mimicked in the video by birds flocking together to make something magical in the sky that you can’t really think about but say wow.

Kathryn will be playing music from her album at King Tuts in Glasgow on the 5th March, which will no doubt be a special night for everyone lucky enough to get tickets.

Words by Scott Hastie

Tipped by Neil Wilson from Scottish Fiction & Halina Rifai from Glasgow Podcart

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