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From the beginning of this track, it is made clear that this is to be a somewhat dark, atmospheric and brooding exhibition. The verses ominously build over the slow chug and dull, ungodly hum of industrial synth, and the bass drum duly pounds away a steady rhythm. The warm tones of ‘Squeeze Me’ are juxtaposed wonderfully with it’s chain-gang-esque feel.

As we reach the chorus, the bluesy Southern-Gothic charm of the song explodes, incandescent, into a cathartic and powerful gospel-style chorus. Carried by strenuous and cutting vocals, the performance of the track adopts sort of cleansing, perhaps even abreactive qualities.

Having released his debut EP back in November via Crosstown Concerts, Keir is gearing up to play several shows in the near future around the London area. For some potent and theatrical viewing, check out his live sessions with Sofar

Words by George Rowan

Tipped by Robin Seamer

Check out Keir’s previous track ‘Probably’ we tipped on the site back in September here.

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