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Music has the capacity to transport you all over the world and affect your emotions in any manner of ways. There’s not too much out there that can take you into a crazy bright world of 8-bit computer games and anime characters but that is exactly where Kero Kero Bonito are having their party, and everyone is invited.

The London based trio have been together a few years after producers Jamie Bulled and Gus Lobban advertised for a Japanese speaking collaborator, Sarah Perry responded and the rest, as they say, was neon coloured super happy and infectious history.

Previous numbers include the ridiculously bouncy ‘My Party’ which has this fantastic, carefree joyousness to it. We imagine it would be akin to watching Spongebob whilst taking some pretty powerful uppers then pausing for a mammoth Mario Kart session. Not that we’d condone such a thing of course…

Their latest track, ‘Lipslap’, is a full on j-bubblegum-disco-pop blast of luminescent energy. It’s housey, it’s poppy and infectious. Listening is like the sugar rush you’d get from a 12 hour blast on Willy Wonka’s fabled never-ending gobstopper, without being bad for your teeth. In fact the only thing Kero Kero Bonito are bad for are your feet, for all the happy bouncing you’ll be doing, and your wallet, for all the retro video games you’ll want to revisit.

Words by Adam from Alphabet Bands

Tipped by Kerri Mark Sharp

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