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London rockers King Nun come out all guns blazing with their debut single ‘Tulip’, a breakneck thrash about that smashes into your ears with no intension of simply passing you by. The teenage four piece have elements of White Stripes fused with Cage the Elephant and mix it together with some raw unforgiving energy to get their point across in a neat 138 second package.

With thrashing drums, fuzz heavy guitar, gut pounding bass and shouted lyrics, ‘Tulip’ is made up of one of those classic equations that can quite easily go wrong but fortunately for King Nun, they’ve come out on top.

Having recently been signed to Dirty Hit and with an equally raw and frantic video to go along side the track, King Nun have been rightfully making people on the internet very excited and it will be fun to see where this young and fresh outfit are going to go next.

Words by Rich Anderson

Tipped by Dave Maul

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