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True honesty and integrity is sometimes hard to come by in the world of pop. For every song that storms the chart, there always seems to be a lingering question of authenticity surrounding it. Even Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars’ latest funk wonder hasn’t been immune to criticism, despite it being one of the most organic hit singles of recent times.

This isn’t the case with KLOE. Even though she shrouds herself in electronic beats, there’s something very real about her that sets her apart from the crowd. You need only hear the one line to know she’s not holding anything back, as she tells her unnamed lover “you’ve fucked every girl in the room.”

The theme of unrequited love runs strong within ‘Grip,’ a song that seems perfectly polished on the outside but contains within it a dark, brooding interior. KLOE’s fragile, girlish voice is perfect for carrying off the role of the hurt lover, completely aware of the fact that no matter how hard they try, they simply can’t change the person they love.

It’s a harsh, emotional track that seems infinitely more ‘real’ than most of the mass-produced pop we’re used to. A truly human voice, KLOE is someone you can easily fall in love with.

Words by Eugenie Johnson

Tipped by Elena Jimenez from Popped Music, Tiffany Daniels from Drunken Werewolf & Tom Cotton from Amazing Radio.

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