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Kojey Radical is one of the UK’s most wildly creative new talents. Whether he’s rapping his unique brand of spoken word poetry, directing strikingly original music videos, or taking the reigns as a producer, his artistic output is consistently cohesive and of the highest calibre. ‘Blind Eye‘ (following the spectacular ‘Open Hand‘ and ‘Bambu‘) sees the Londoner collaborate with vocalist and producer Frank Gamble, who renders the track probably Kojey’s most accessible yet.

“The artists I love and respect are the ones that paint a picture of the times they live in,” says Kojey. “I think it’s easy to sometimes forget the power and effect of music. The injustices suffered in the world can often make you feel helpless and I’ve always felt I could do more with my artistry.” And more he certainly does; vowing “Even when their stories don’t make the headlines / I’ll keep their stories in my mind.”

With upcoming album ‘23 Winters‘ due out next month, here’s hoping there’s more of the same on the way.

Words from Lewis Lister

Tipped by  Souterrain

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