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Earlier this year Brighton based label/publisher/promoter Love Thy Neighbour put on “Triptych”, three events each showcasing three of their favourite Brighton-based acts. The second night featured the glistening gem of an artist KUB. Formerly of Us Baby Bear Bones, Daisy Emily Warne has grown some claws and taken the stage as a solo artist.

“KUB makes other worldly, dreamy electronic textures. Her music touches on themes of temptation, venomous relationships, and the cruel wonders of the world.” Say Love Thy Neighbour, and KUB’s ‘Taboo’ featured on the Triptych 2 release certainly supports that.

The track is sonically beautiful with dreamy layered vocals and distorted dark drones. The panned synths and samples dance perfectly between each other as various organic tones are introduced reaching a cool vocal chop climax.

Words by Dan Shannon

Tipped by Rob from Brighton Music Blog

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