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Summer has arrived in gorgeous fashion courtesy of today’s tip from dream poppers Labradoor with their new single ‘Silence’.

The London four-piece give us some seriously sizzling dream-pop which really sets the mood for lovely weather and good vibes. If you’re a fan of the haziness of Tame Impala or the twee indie riffs of The Cure then you might find love with Labradoor. The song is built on lush riffs which sound like Johnny Marr in his prime and soft percussion. At the centre of it is a sweet but deep vocal from Emil Brynge which again just paints the picture of sunshine and a calm summer breeze.

The band have just played at The Great Escape festival which will no doubt have seen them receive a lot of attention. They have some London headline shows booked in which take place on the 4th June at The Montague Arms and on the 9th August in The Waiting Room but these will just be the start for a band who produce music as beautiful as this.

Words by Scott Hastie

Tipped by Charlotte Holroyd & Lewis Lister

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