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Discovering an exciting new artist like Edinburgh vocalist Lauren Holt – who performs under the moniker Law – is just about as exciting as it gets for new music buffs. There is only one song titled ‘Hustle’ online (which is an absolute peach, by the way) and an enticingly bare website that hosts said song. No Facebook, no bio, no nonsense. It’s an admirable let the music do the talking approach and it’s mightily refreshing.

Now, about that song then; it has been attracting bloggers and promoting mouse-clicks aplenty in its short existence online and it’s easy to see why. Possessing an endearingly unique vocal which glazes over murky lo-fi beats and hazy swells of half-noise instrumentation, ‘Hustle’ is entirely fascinating in its delivery and is ample reason to get very excited indeed about Law.

Words by Neil Wood

Tipped by  Halina Rifai from Glasgow Podcart

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