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Mysterious bunch this lot but there’s nothing wrong with a bit of mystery in rock n’ roll.

Leaf Erikson’s debut release, ‘Flying High’, comes with some uber-laidback vibes and meandering guitars in the vein of Midlake, Beck or the Lemonheads but there is an 80s pop slickness to this tune as well which creates a marvellously original juxtaposition.

On the one hand, this song is cruising down the coastal roads of Westcoast America in a beaten up convertible with shaggy hair and aviator shades on. On the other hand, ‘Flying High’ is walking in slow motion through a stylish 80s club being noticed by all the important people.

Put those two elements together with some superbly understated but suave vocals and, essentially, you have a very cool band with a very good tune literally launching themselves at 2015 like a horny teenager at his first house party. I told you mystery wasn’t a bad thing.

Words by Roland Monger

Tipped by JP White from This Is Tmrw

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