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Opening with a dark and thunderous bassline, we immediately know that this track is going to be something big. Lo-fi, atmospheric and gloomy, this track bares gritted teeth from start to finish.

Despite it’s gorgeous ambiance, you can’t help but feel like there is something of a suppressed volatility about this track. In ‘Control’, Let’s Away have created something which is fuzzy and aggressive, with underlying tones of tension and angst throughout. At the same time, they have crafted a piece of music which is also shimmering, gorgeous and tender.

The underlying madness in this track runs deep, and yet Let’s Away restrain themselves. What they end up with is something subdued, artistic and graceful.

‘Control’ is the third track from their Sky On Fire singles series, recorded by James Mottershead (British Sea Power, Sundara Karma, S.C.U.M). Racking up airplay on Radio One, and write-ups from the likes of DIY, Clash and The Line

Words by George Rowan

Tipped by Jim Cambo

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