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Lewis Bootle is the all-knowing year eleven, who sits on the benches at lunchtime, opening himself up to everyone and anyone; unlike the rest of the year who shove you aside and treat you like something on the bottom of their shoe. That’s what ‘Cells’ feels like.

The artist’s song dispenses wisdom straight from the horse’s mouth, assuring us that we’re alright. What really makes this song such a great piece of advice is the way it tells us a story through adolescence, through problems we can all relate to.

Lewis Bootle explores our most cherished, and most embarrassing, memories, but assures us that we’re always changing, we’re never the same person, and we should be glad!

The Streets-styled song is a fast-paced, informed and clever track. In fact, it almost feels like an arm around your shoulder, rather than a song; but don’t worry, you’ll undoubtedly be adding this song to your summer playlists.

It’s a great track that has all the highs and lows of growing up, and particularly that feeling of knowing you have to get back to something, but enjoying the time until then. Seize the moment! Listen to Cells!

Words by Ben Bowes

Tipped by Jim Cambo and Souterrain

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