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When it comes to music, simplest is often best. Lilla Vargen is clearly an artist with a full understanding of this principle, with ‘This is Love’ built around the bare elements of piano and voice.

The resulting work is a beautiful representation of her biggest strengths, the power of her voice and the emotional impact of her songwriting, coming across like a less kooky Regina Spektor.

As beautiful as it is, ‘This is Love’ is also deceptively catchy too, worming its way into your head and playing itself back of its own accord after only a couple of listens.

The sparseness of Vargen’s work also extends to her internet presence, because there’s precious little information out there in cyberspace about her. Maybe this is a deliberate ploy to force us to concentrate solely on her music, but to be honest, with songs as lush as this one it wouldn’t be too difficult to drown out the background noise anyway. A frighteningly exciting prospect.

Words by Paul Brown

Tipped by Adam from Alphabet Bands

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