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If you’ve had a tough weekend, then today’s tip will relax you real good and give you a new favourite earworm in the process. The track is called Step Back and it comes from London indie poppers Little White Things.

Although from London, the band bring in their life experiences from living in places like Denmark, Sweden and Ireland respectively into a hazey, honed sound which might be the best soundtrack imaginable for a sunset on the trail, watching the sun hide behind mountains. Fans of Freelance Whales will love the sound on offer.

David Behan’s vocals remind us of Imagine Dragons’ Dan Reynolds with the softness of Phoenix’s Thomas Mars whilst backing vocals make the soundscape sound as big as the Grand Canyon itself.

Step Back is the first of hopefully many big indie pop tunes we get from Little White Things but for now there’s no harm in clicking the repeat button!

Words by Scott Hastie

Tipped by Rob Platts from Junk City & Hector Barley

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