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Imagine you find a magic song creation machine in your garage. It asks you to describe the kind of song you want it to make, so you type in ‘lovely dream’. The result probably sounds a lot like ‘I Don’t Mind’.

That’s a round-about way of saying that this is a lovely song. And Llovers, based in the North East, seem to have a knack for things like this, with previous releases ‘Borderlands’ and ‘Feeling Sound’ also being well-received.

It’s a pity it’s only come out now really, as the autumn months approach. Little electronic tinkles, breezy guitars and soaring, reverby vocals combine to conjure up feelings of tropical climes and cloudless skies.

There’s a bit of a buzz around them and some pedigree too, with singer Jack Brooks formerly involved with Tipping Point favourites and BBC Introducing-botherers Coquin Migale, so don’t be surprised to see Llovers go on to make a name for themselves.

Words by Tom Worley

Tipped by Charlie Dancer

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