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Dreamy, silky and enchanting. These are just a few of the words that come to mind when listening to York based trio, LUUNA and their debut song ‘A Big Fat Something‘.

The smooth mellow vocals and deep bass are reminiscent of the original The XX tracks, with the lead vocalist gliding over the beat. When the guitar kicks in, mixed with the synth overtone, it becomes something reminiscent of the beginning of a James Bond movie. Sultry yet cool, a more complex and darker pop song.

The intriguing nature of this song continues as the lyrics were originally written as a poem (by Emily Harrison) formed into a song by LUUNA as part of a PRS for music project. It’s originality shines through and it’s refreshing to listen to.

With this being their first released track and as they haven’t got much else for us to hear yet, the band are as intriguing as the song itself. If you like chilled, smooth pop then definitely give this a listen.

Words by Rebecca Jackson

Tip by Rob Duffy from The Indie Curator

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