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Luxury Death burst onto the scene this summer surfing a wave of hype. This is mostly of course due to the appealing sounds created by the chemical spark Ben Thompson and Meg Williams channel, but also in no small part owing to Ben’s history as a member of recently disbanded punky rabble-rousers Nai Harvest. However Meg and his new band more than hold their own as a separate entity.

Shimmering, wavy guitars usher in the retro infused shoegaze 90s rock stylings of debut single ‘Radiator Face‘. Calling to mind cult indie heroes The Brian Jonestown Massacre at times, and premier fuzz merchants Yuck at others, this is an infectious and invigorating tune. Props too for being a band that rapper-style (well not quite) mentions their own name in a song, an all too rare occurrence. The interplay of the duo’s voices is the key factor in gripping you whilst listening, and the pinpoint scuzzy production aids this superbly.

Signed to veritable house of noise PNKSLM (the gooey label spawned from the Punk Slime club night/blog) Luxury Death find themselves in a family-scene with other such cutting edge guitar bands as Beach Skulls and Sudakistan. Definitely a band to invest in, they’re either set for the indie big leagues or doomed to burning brightly and shortly- either way it’s well worth paying attention to the show.

Words by Lewis Lloyd-Kinnings

Tipped by Rob Platts

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