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We’ve got some gorgeous ethereal music from Bristol today on The Tipping Point, with Meadowlark and their new single ‘Satellite’.

Sitting somewhere unique on the R&B-Indie-Pop spectrum, the group make a sound which is as chilling as it is pretty, with a dark and sorrowful sweetness to it. The band is comprised of Daniel Broadley and Kate McGill who manage to create such a huge soundscape despite only being a two-piece.

Whilst there are clear similarities to London Grammar here, and if you like the London ethereal group then you’ll adore Meadowlark, Kate’s voice is very different. It has a smoother tone to it, making Meadowlark’s energy sooth the listener.

‘Satellite’ is from their new Paraffin EP which is out now, and you can catch the group performing tracks from the record this summer at festivals including Bushstock and Beatherder before a UK tour in the autumn which is sure to be a real treat.

Words by Scott Hastie

Tipped by Jeremy Lloyd from Laissez Faire

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