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MELLAH’s ‘Round’ is a slow but steady ballad of summertime chills. The alternative rock band employ the faint sound of country in this track to create a midsummer feel; so relaxing that it feels as though the band are jamming away in the local coffee shop or in their own garage – totally immersed in their own world of music making.

The ease of the artists is felt through the music as the calm beat twangs in the background. This song is made for lazy days in the sunshine: just listening to ‘Round’ made me feel as though I was sat alongside the creek at sunset; with a BBQ, a few beers, and a few friends by my side.

This song is perfect for those times: MELLAH’s laid-back flow relaxes you and your mind, leaving you comfortably in the care of your own nostalgic thoughts, remembering other times when there was nothing to worry about in the world.

‘Round’ is also such a minimalistic song: with only the country guitar being heard throughout most of the track, but this makes the song what it is, adding to the simple but powerful tone.

Words by Ben Bowes

Tipped by Elli Brazzill

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