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After a long three-year hiatus, Aimee Herbert-Smith aka Mere Child returns with a brooding, ‘vulnerable and anxiety-driven’ piece of etheral synth-pop.

The song builds gradually throughout the three minutes. A constant kick drum pulsing underneath gives the track life, layers of dark synth and delicate harmonies are added one by one, and splashes of subtle guitar add light to the track as it lifts gently in the choruses.

The video to the song opens with television static – mirroring it’s claustrophobic feel and providing a poignant metaphor for the subject matter. In ‘Not Good Enough’, we see Herbert-Smith battling resiliently with feelings of entrapment, uncertainty and helplessness in her wonderfully haunting piece de resistance.

Mere Child will be supporting Bryde on three dates of her upcoming UK tour: 13th October at the Courtyard Theatre in London.

Words by George Rowan

Tipped by Charlotte Holroyd from Bitter Sweet Symphonies and Jeremy Lloyd from Laissez Faire Club

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