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You could be forgiven for thinking that Mt. Wolf are already a pretty established band. A cursory glance at their Facebook page sees them being praised by some of the biggest magazines and websites in the business while they’ve also managed to sell out London’s Heaven venue and gain a solid underground following. Instead of just riding the wave of hype though, Mt. Wolf are making sure that they’ve got the tunes to live up to their acclaim.

‘Red’ beautifully demonstrates how the band have managed to become one of the most blogged-about groups of recent times. It opens with a gentle acoustic guitar chord progression and moody vocals; this is not, however, your standard “white guy with guitar” track. By the time the chorus kicks in, a cacophony of beats have made themselves known, sitting just a little bit off-beat with the rest of the melody. It’s a curious, attention-grabbing effort that’s sure to help Mt. Wolf break further into the mainstream.

Words by Eugenie

Tip by Stevie at Akira Records

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