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Following on from the buzz of her last two singles via the Young & Lost label, Natalie McCool returns with new single ‘Pins’, a wonderful progression recorded with Dave Berger from the band Outfit in the new year.

While Florence Welch relies on overzealous instrumentation and sonic crescendos, McCool’s new track is electronic minimalism at its best. But that’s not to say McCool’s sound is any less big or potent. ‘Pins’ pulsates; its understated beats stab like a sharp knife, while her crystal vocals puncture the song’s heart.

The Liverpudlian songstress’ hold on the track is confident and measured, bringing it as she ultimately does to a pinpoint end, when it’s finally allowed to open up and unravel in a sonic bluster.

An assured slow-burner that arrives at an explosive conclusion, ‘Pins’ has quite possibly ensured McCool’s position on that very same trajectory.

Words by Chris Haywood

Tipped by Jill Guthrie from When The Gramophone Rings

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