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North London based National Service are helping us to get through the final (hopefully) few weeks of winter with their warm and brooding debut single ‘A Little More Time’, a wonderfully rich, luscious track.

The song starts out quiet and mellow, a repeating guitar motif plays alongside a deep vocal and clockwork drums. A vocal harmony then joins in with the namesake lyric ‘A Little More Time’ before a stabbing guitar comes along and riffs away. After the second verse section things pick up a notch again, the vocal harmonies become more prominent and the instrumental gains some traction and energy, charging up for the expected outbreak.

For the closing minute we get the release and the final crescendo pops unleashing it all, with sumptuous vocal harmonies and thrashing instruments it’s a perfect breakout and reaction to the build up that is created throughout the song.

With a sound like Interpol mixed with an almost post-rock delivery, National Service have created quite a track with ‘A Little More Time’, and with this being their debut single it will be very exciting to see what more they have to offer.

Words by Richard Anderson

Tipped by Chris Wilson from Disorder Music

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