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Listen to the right kind of music and you may be transported off into another world. A world of emotion, imagination or fantasy. Listen to something else and you could find yourself getting lost. Lost in its beauty, its subtlety or its majesty. Listen to Night Games and chances are you’ll end up doing both.

The East London duo of Constance and Paul have been gathering fans and positive reviews for a couple of years now and it looks like they have recently hit the reboot button. Having cleansed their soundcloud of the old in recent months, they appear focused and each new track has seen the pair reach new heights.

‘Faithless’, which almost sounds like what we’d get if Jessie Ware had been asked to do a Tron soundtrack, is great but their latest, ‘Suffocate’, which first filtered out in late 2014, is just wonderful.

Constance’s ethereal vocals wisp over Paul’s Vangelis-y synths to create a gloriously evocative soundscape. As the electronics twist and stretch out there is a sense of discovery within a dystopian world. Discovery of self and of another. As the melody widens, a heartbeat begins; a rhythm of awakening inside a cold metal body as an AI becomes aware perhaps, aware of itself and of its capacity for love. Aware of the world around it and its fragility and beauty.

As it builds to a crescendo, as layer upon layer reaches out like a galaxy across the night sky of this world we find ourselves lost in; as the vocals, rhythm and melody entwine to become one sumptuous whole, we can almost see C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate, and it’s stunning.

Words by Adam from Alphabet Bands

Tipped by Jill Guthrie from When The Gramophone Rings

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