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If you’ve come to The Tipping Point looking for a pick-me-up, this tip is not it. ‘You Loved Me, You Killed Me’ by Odina is a melancholy folk song about heartbreak.

The fragile track from the London/Barcelona based musician airs the timid, quirky sensibilities of the likes of SOAK and Soko. However, Odina’s saccharine voice and unique lyricism takes her into a field of her own.

The track relies mostly on simple guitars and ends with a well placed, sombre horn arrangement. Odina sings every word of her heart-clenching lyrics with raw emotion. It draws you into the moment; if you’re lucky enough not to be heartbroken, you feel very grateful not to be.

With ‘You Loved Me, You Killed Me’, showcases Odina’s exciting and raw talent. It might not be the happiest track in the world, but catharsis in music is just as important as the positive stuff.

Words by Tilly Dowman

Tipped by Jamie Coughlan from Overblown

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