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From the second onDeadWaves’ latest release, ‘Blue Inside‘, tip toes across your ear drums, it becomes strikingly apparent that this song will tell you a sorrowful story.

The tale is told beautifully by the lead singer’s almost whispering voice and takes you back to those dark memories that made you want to walk through the woods alone at night. In fact, this would be a perfect sound track to any melancholic walk when all you need is someone to tell you “we’ve all been there, don’t worry”.

The very first line captures the essence of the whole song brilliantly, “wash away the bones of you, but your spirit keeps wandering through”. This, laid on top of what sounds like a wonderful mixture of Coldplay’s Ghost Stories, and any CHVRCHES track; gives the song an unforgettable melody.

All in all, a brilliant release from this band, whose self-titled album releases on the 20th May, and well worth a listen for anyone who doesn’t mind a bit of soul-searching.

Words by Ben Bowes

Tipped by Jim Cambo from Alternative Friday and Fresh On The Net

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