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Tearing their way out of Dublin, bashing drunk, Guinness-flecked tourists into the River Liffey, comes punky four-piece Otherkin.

Trying to find the band on google I discovered that ‘Otherkin’ refers to people who identify as non-human: fairies, angels and suchlike. Maybe because of that the name, to me at least, suggests something ethereal, smoky, otherworldly, but the band Otherkin is definitely not – they’re raw, raucous and, quite frankly, rather loud.

Latest track ‘Bad Advice’ isn’t a song to fall asleep to; it’s a song to jump around to when you’re a little worse for wear. Clocking in at under two and a half minutes it’s rushed, driving a battering-ram into your ears, and a lot of fun.

Otherkin will be part of the support for Guns N’ Roses at the massive Slane Castle next month, a huge deal for such a young band. The rest of the year sounds equally exciting though, starting off with a mini-tour of England in May followed by further tours, including one to North America, and a full album at the end of the year.

Words by Tom Worley

Tipped by Dave Maul

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