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Fuzz fueled psychedelic pop is what’s on offer today from Reading-based Palm Honey and their new track ‘Bones’. A song that originally started out as a slower chilled out track, it has become a staple of their live set, but with the recorded version things have been sped up a bit and a slightly more intense sound has been unearthed.

‘Bones’ presents a non-stop 3 minute ride, mixing together an upbeat poppy sound alongside a chilled out, psychedelic, shoe gaze vibe. There’s a swirling guitar based backdrop that plays out in the background for the whole song, supplying a dreamy canvas that fuzzy guitar riffs and clear bass lines stab out on top of partnered with a groovy shifting drum beat that provides a strong foundation. It’s a song that plays out like a musical equivalent of Van Gogh’s Starry Night.

Palm Honey have got a good combination of things going, merging elements of  a poppy, fun, upbeat sound that can be heard in bands like Peace, with Tame Impala’s airy psychedelic vibe. ‘Bones’ is a song that really creates an anticipation of what else Palm Honey have up their sleeve and for what we can expect in a full length release from the group.

Words by Richard Anderson

Tipped by Simon Pursehouse

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