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PATHS have just released their brand new single ‘Right Beside You’ and it’s a good’un. The track has a kind of pop-dance feel; and you will be dancing along as the silky voice weaves its way through the song.

Quick bursts of beautiful singing are followed by short interludes of Lily Allen-esque talk-singing, only to be blown up again by lightning paced, bombastic beats provided by drums and what crazily sounds like some guy going crazy on a triangle!

‘Right Beside You’ builds slowly but surely, as though it’s waking you up in the morning and taking you to the beach at night. The most striking thing about this song though is how eerily it ends, with lyrics fading away giving rise to a light but powerful jingling, only to be forgotten as the synths take over once more.

‘Right Beside You’ is a song worth listening to right now, not just because it’s good, but because it’s the perfect time for it as well!

Words by Ben Bowes

Tipped by Rob from Fresh On The Net

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