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‘At The Bottom Of The Hill’ is the dreamy debut release by Pet Deaths. A chilled, guitar-led track with breathy vocals and harmonies.

Graeme Martin, former member of the Newcastle band, Let’s Buy Happiness, has joined forces with Hey Sholay front-man, Liam Karima. The pair are both very experienced musicians and that quality is perfectly evident in the way this song is crafted.

Now both London based, Graeme and Liam describe themselves as an ‘Alternative/Celestial Folk Duo’. The choice of band name perhaps raises somewhat unsettling imagery for a celestial duo but the track certainly fits the bill, gentle and calming, it definitely has an otherworldly, spiritual feel. The late introduction of a delicate piano lifts it to another dimension carrying the song to an instrumental conclusion.

This is the first release from an EP which is due out later this year, there is a sense of the creative freedom that a new venture brings as this is a departure from previous styles for both of them into a more acoustic sound. It will be interesting and exciting to see where their onward journey up the hill will lead them, but until then, this impressive introduction is one to be savoured and enjoyed.

Words by Jackie Lees

Tipped by Eugenie Johnson

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