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‘Slug’, the new single from London based feminist post punks Petrol Girls is the first track to feature from their highly anticipated follow up to 2014’s debut, self-titled EP.

The song kills from the first note with guitar riffs shredding their way through clean valleys and jagged peaks in the vein of At The Drive In, punctuated by Ren Aldridge’s vocals walking the fine line between angry and shrill. As the track hits the 1st verse bridge, the tempo changes and the softer side of Aldridge’s voice provides a welcome break before the pace quickens again and then repeats to excellent effect.

The quartet may be outspoken feminists and ‘Slug’ seems to describe the despair at the never ending stories of human suffering being beamed to our screens and the way they are being spun by the media. With a new EP dropping next month, Petrol Girls have certainly made a statement of intent with ‘Slug‘, and fans are unlikely to be disappointed when the ‘Some Thing‘ EP is released on February 19th.

Words by Steven Farkas

Tipped by Jamie Otsa from Glasswerk

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