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‘Gold Horizons’ has all the elements of an alt-pop track with a hint of deeper synth indie vibes, as lead singer Kat’s deep vocals echo over the layers that build throughout the song and lead it into more mysterious grounds. Leeds trio Polo have created something strangely but delightfully hypnotic, with a beat that changes so often you can’t get bored of listening.

Polo’s mixture of electronic alt-pop is reminiscent of the likes of Banks or Broods, with smooth and effortless vocals playing over the top of the echoing beat. Gold Horizons feels stripped back, yet creates its atmosphere through a multitude of layers that build throughout the song, from simple and clear beats to crashing choruses.

‘Gold Horizons’ could be played at a festival, in a club or even on a vintage Skins episode and it’d still fit perfectly with its versatility across alt genres. The band are playing a few gigs across the UK very soon, so don’t miss the opportunity to catch them near you and experience their undeniable potential first-hand.

Words by Rebecca Jackson

Tipped by Marco Lorenzi from Indie+Tonic and Indie For Bunnies

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