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Sometimes a lead-singer’s voice carries no discernible accent as it conforms to traditional faux American/RP safety. This is however not the case for Pronto Mama’s Michael Griffin, who utilises his Glaswegian twang to full effect, not least on latest single ‘Arabesque’.

Bristling with character, this is a skittish alt-rock tune with a kitchen-sink approach to instrumentation. Gritty guitars, sultry keys, triumphant brass, twangy bass and polyrhythmic drums provide the basis on which arch vocals deliver earwormy soundbites.

Where so many bands these days shy away from any kind of pomp, or God forbid showing some kind of technical proficiency, Pronto Mama are a refreshing taste of musicianship allied with intelligent songwriting.

Words by Lewis Lloyd-Kinnings

Tipped by Halina Rifai

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