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“Just say that I’m the one.”

This is a sentiment stated frequently, one way or the other, in music throughout the ages. However, is it ever placed against such a bafflingly pleasing cacophony as it is in Psycho Comedy’s ‘One?’ Probably not.

This song sounds like it’s stuck between three great places: stripped down, almost-punk vocals that dwell in the world of Public Image Ltd, a poppy riff that has all the energy of a summer afternoon, and a gritty guitar line that sounds like it may have gotten lost sometime in the eighties. Try as I might, I can’t come up with something entirely comparable; this track is the perfect balance between a number of unlikely influences that come together just right. It’s new and refreshing with a vintage edge.

For those whose primary concern with music lies in the lyrics, they end less than halfway through the song, with the remaining time spent on a build up that crawls along with subtle swells of noise. The final breakdown is a jangly surprise, all backed by an engaging bass line that shines against the rough-around-the-edges guitar. When it gets stuck in your head (and it will), your brain won’t know which part to sing in the shower: the bass or the vocals. Just play it really loudly instead- everyone should hear this track.

Words by Maggie McBride

Tipped by Andy Von Pip

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